Something's Gotta Give

Hello World!

How are you doing? 

Out in the Middle East we are heading towards the Muslim holy month of Ramadan where no live entertainment is permitted. It is a busy time, playing the last performances and setting up for the next part of the year from August onwards. To explain, it's a little like the frenzy wind-down of Christmas, but in the middle of the year :> 

In times where everything is pressing towards time-and-money-domination, it is tricky keeping up with day-to-day homelife routines...and life's little curve balls can leave you feeling like something's gotta give?! Well recently, I collaborated with Stoyan and wrote about this very can any of us be the SuperHero Mom or Dad or worker or boss to whoever looks up to us, whilst we are just trying to make more money to reach a goal...then on top of that how do we rise to the next level? Well the answer is listen to the music messages of faith, hope and love…of course! Sometimes we just forget to breathe, believe and time hit the stereo and let the super powers of music shift your thoughts...and elevate. We can be whatever we believe. 

Leading into the debut showcase of our song called 'SuperHero' happening this week on 18th July at The Fridge Singer-Songwriter Showcase at the Pavilion in Downtown Dubai. Us SuperHeroes are waiting for our moment to prove our magic…so it would be wonderful if you can join us here.


In the last few months, I cannot even remember how long it has been as time has certainly flown by, can I just say how fantastic working as an exclusive artist for The Fridge Dubai ( is?! Performing at wonderful corporate shows like Harvey Nichols, Lenovo and Terry Fox Cancer Research. But, but, but the real highlight for me is the platform that The Fridge creates for songwriters, and I am so happy to be sinking my teeth back into songwriting, co-writing and showcasing these songs on stage.

The full band performed at The Fridge's Season Finale, Wafi Live and Local on 11th May where we played originals and covers. It was a phenomenal night on the rooftop gardens with a cool wind blowing to add every bit of ambience to this special night. Thank you to all the incredible organisation, exceptional musicians and rocking-dancing audience :> Wooooohoooo baby, indeed! Catch a glimpse of this here…

The one place where you can see me publicly perform each week is Friday Brunch gig at Mina A Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai and am very happy to say that the contract is extended until 31 January 2013 - yippee! My band, The Makers, have been also been playing on Thursdays for the last couple of months at The Gramercy in DIFC, Dubai. So depending on when Ramadan starts this week we may or may not be performing - it is up to the moon and the Sheik! Please call prior to see if The Gramercy, DIFC ( is open on 19 July or Mina A Salam, Madinat Jumeirah ('Salam+Brunch) on 20 July. We will see you there hopefully or look forward to seeing you at the end of August.

After reading various material on the progression of the digital era, I have decided to make a few changes of my own. So whilst a couple of works are in development, my 'Tips' pages are disabled and account is closed for Facebook ( or Tweet ( instead please.

I managed to catch up with Barbara Tucker (from my days performing at Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza) after performing at Blue Marlin in Dubai, which was soooo lovely as am unable to head to Ibiza this year due to my schedule in the UAE. Sorry to you all out there, but am sure I will head back soon enough to the beautiful people on that island. Miss you madly!

During the next month, I will be in full songwriting and planning mode of things to come for year end. Keep in touch and keep rocking out!

A BIG thank you to all the musicians and cool Fridge experts I work with, it is amazing - looking forward to what is next! Fans, friends and family - keep shaking those pom-poms this journey is ongoing :>

See you on Wednesday at The Pavilion all you SuperHeroes!

Much love, light and happiness
Miss T



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On Sunday, 22 July 2012 at 12:48 p.m.
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