A Most Precarious Relationship: Artists, Audiences and Interactive Art in the Emirates

Starts: Wed, 30 May 2012, 07:00 p.m.

Ends: Sat, 28 July 2012, 06:00 p.m.

Location: Maraya Art Centre

Curated by Isabella Ellaheh Hughes, Independent Curator, Dubai Editor, ArtAsiaPacific

'A most Precarious Relationship: Artists, Audiences and Interactive Art in the Emirates' is an exhibit where artists take into account the audience and use the element and functionality of the interactive as a medium. Whether tactile, multisensory, or a combination both, the four installations created specifically for this exhibit by emerging, UAE-based artists Maitha Al Jassim, Amna Al Zaabi, Ahmed Bouholaigah and UBIK are linked through their thematic exploration of interactive art and subsequent relationships and exchanges between artist, artwork, audience and social spaces.

Stimulating the physical, mental and emotional senses, all of the installations are firmly rooted in the philosophy that audiences have their own part in the creative process the artistic experience. Thus, audiences who enter the exhibit space move beyond mere spectators, observing art as a static and on a ‘high art,’ seemingly untouchable platform. The interactive nature of the installations transforms the routinely sterile artist-artwork-gallery space-audience interface into one that actively engages and encourages audience participation, often with an element of fun and space for thoughtful contemplation on societal and personal axioms.

In the region, there is a notable dearth of participatory, interactive art, which has an important place in the grander and historical narrative of contemporary art. Interactive art fosters a more meaningful exchange between artist, artwork and audience, making the often incomprehensible and broad genre of contemporary art accessible to a myriad of audiences, moving beyond the niche audience who closely follows contemporary art.

Core to Maraya Art Centre’s mission is to support locally-based and emerging artists. All of these artists in this exhibit are emerging and at different stages in their young careers, while some are recent university graduates. This exhibit is an exciting opportunity for emerging talents to experiment and gain wider exposure through exhibiting at Maraya Art Centre.

To date, no exhibits in the UAE are on record to have been curated solely focused on interactive art, which makes this a trailblazing exhibit for the country and even greater region, raising greater awareness simultaneously on this important genre of contemporary art and these four UAE-based emerging talents.


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Created by: Caroline Mosley
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